IPA's main business objective is to strategically seize growth opportunities while balancing traditional media with new business models. Facilitating the transition from the analog to the digital realm is a key priority for our company. Media has evolved and expanded through the massive popularity of home theaters, tablets, smart phones, and Video on Demand. Digital avenues have increasingly become the public’s preferred method of media consumption. 

In Asia, Video on Demand is now a growing business that is expected to continue to show double-digit annual growth. IPA is carefully managing this new transition into digital by embracing and taking full advantage of new technologies as is appropriate, while maintaining its leading position across current businesses. Our current library consists of over 3,000 films, and continues to grow with numerous libraries that we have acquired to offer a wider portfolio of titles in our offering.


IPA defined the mobile market 8 years ago with the launch of the first mobile television service in Asia by partnering up with ROK TV and AIS in Thailand. The company solved the hardest part of the TV everywhere equation then, delivering outside the home across unpredictable networks. We now offer a comprehensive managed service connected media platform that can also be run in-network, providing the infrastructure support to help wireless operators bring multiscreen services to market more quickly, while navigating ever-changing network conditions and policy rights.

Our mobile division is a business unit that creates and develops digital content for mobile platforms. Various content is developed in digital formats to provide mobile services such as news, sports, songs, games, and other interesting activity. IPA partners with leading television and movie content providers to deliver leading live programming across all genres for a “TV everywhere” experience. We've taken the right steps to make sure all programming is delivered securely and efficiently across devices, platforms, and networks. Whether ingesting and transcoding your content or sourcing it for acquisition, IPA's expert team of industry veterans are available to consult and manage.